Jordan Devlin Declares Himself Cruiserweight Champion, Issues Warning to Other Stars

NXT UK star Jordan Devlin still believes that he is the NXT Cruiserweight Champion and has issued a warning to Santos Escobar and other WWE talent with ambitions for the title.

Devlin, who won the title at the Worlds Collide event in January, was stripped of the title during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic as he was unable to travel.

Escobar then won an eight-man tournament for the title on June 3. Though it was originally announced that the winner would be the “Interim Cruiserweight Champion”, the interim has since been dropped.

WWE released a video from Devlin where he revealed that he still has his “original” title belt, which makes Escobar and his title just “a replica”.

He talked a little about his journey and what happened to him, calling having his “visa frozen” as bad luck and wrong. He went on to express his anger at how WWE decided to deal with his absence which was to have the interim title and then remove the “interim.”

 “This is the one real Cruiserweight Championship of the world. It stays here, it belongs to me, and if you want it back you better send someone to come and take it from me,” declared Devlin on the video.

Escober responded to Devlin by recalling his win and how Triple H congratulated him and called him a “division changing talent”.

Travel restriction still makes it unlikely that Devlin will be back in the US anytime soon, however, he could start appearing on NXT UK now that tapings and airing have begun again.