Jordan Myles Breaks Silence On His Approval Of “Racist” T-Shirt Design, Calls WWE “Fraud”

Myles' WWE career could be in jeopardy after the racism row

Image via WWE

Jordan Myles officially started the #ForTheCulture hashtag owing to the recently controversial t-shirt designed by WWE and his movement is gaining momentum at a rapid rate.

Brad Shepard is now reporting that Vince McMahon is considering firing Myles from WWE. Myles’ online movement has drawn huge attention, perhaps more than enough to enrage Mr. McMahon at this point.

The racist t-shirt design resembling blackface was pulled from WWE Shop and WWE later stated that Myles himself had approved the said design. The NXT star has now fired back with his explanation – 31-year-old Myles was tricked into giving his consent!

In a now-deleted tweet, Myles wrote:

“I’m far from perfect. I’m willing to do anything for the job of my dreams to make things work for both parties.”

“I only agreed to the shirt because it was shown to me on a white tee. Once placed on a black tee you can clearly see the racist intentions.”

Myles isn’t holding back as he continues to take shots at “fraud” WWE. He didn’t hesitate to drag Hulk Hogan, stating how the Hall of Famer was re-employed by WWE last year after issuing an apology to the locker room for using the n-word which had resulted in his firing.

WWE firing Myles at this point would inevitably cause a huge uproar to the extent that Superstars such as Kofi Kingston and Cedric Alexander might threaten to quit the promotion at once.

Given the diplomatic businessman that Mr. McMahon is, he could potentially refrain from firing Myles. Instead, Vince would bury the NXT star in such a way that he himself would be forced to request his release a few months down the line.

Myles’ immediate future in WWE and the pro wrestling industry as a whole could be a make or break scenario after this incident.