Kairi Sane Removed From WWE Monday Night Raw Promotional Graphics

It is being reported that Kairi Sane is on her way out of WWE, and it looks like WWE is beginning to remove her from the company.

The former Mae Young Tournament winner, NXT Women’s Champion and former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion is reportedly set to return to Japan and to retire by the end of this year.

Sane hasn’t really been doing much on WWE TV this year, mostly playing cheerleader to her tag team partner Asuka as she began her rise to being the WWE Raw Women’s Champion. She also had a series of matches with the returning Nia Jax which eventually ended up really injuring her.

Sane was last seen on TV on the episode of Raw that was taped on May 26, where she lost her match against Jax and was injured. However, on the recent episode of SmackDown, a Champion vs. Champion match was announced for the upcoming episode of Raw, between Asuka and Bayley.

The original graphic for the match featured Sasha Banks standing behind Bayley and Sane standing behind Asuka. The implication was Sane would be back on TV in Asuka’s corner.

However, WWE has since changed the graphic to remove Sane. You can see the difference in the two Tweets below.