Kairi Sane Returns to Work at WWE Japan Office

Kairi Sane left WWE a few months ago, after more than three years with the company, in order to return to her home country of Japan.

It was reported that Sane left WWE on good terms, and recently announced her new role with WWE. She revealed that she will work as an ambassador for the company in Japan.

The former NXT Women’s Champion has already returned to the WWE office, as WWE Japan posted a picture of the pirate princess on their premises.

The caption in Japanese roughly translates to ‘brought smiles, power and laughter to the WWE Japan office’.

The picture showed the superstar standing in front of The Undertaker’s cut-out and a live event poster from WWE’s recent tour to the country.

It will be interesting to see how Sane’s role plays out, and she will most likely work to bring in exciting talents from the Joshi promotions to WWE.