Kane Suffers Legitimate Injury

WWE Superstar Kane was involved in an injury angle at WWE Extreme Rules on Sunday. The segment was done to explain why Kane did not do much in the ring during the SmackDown Tag Team Championship match.

The Bludgeon Brothers attacked Kane backstage early in the show and that forced Daniel Bryan to wrestle most of the match on his own. The Big Red Machine eventually walked down to the ring wearing a protective medical boot which made it clear that his action was going to be very limited in the ring.

It turns out that Kane actually suffered an injury off-ring but as of this writing, it’s still unknown when it happened or what caused it, but it seems that the injury happened sometime during the last few days. During a campaign function earlier this week in Tennessee, Kane was seen wearing the medical boot and he was also wearing it backstage before the Pay-Per-View.

Post-Extreme Rules, WWE posted a storyline update to explain the injury. The explanation slated that Kane’s ankle was broken at the hands of The Bludgeon Brothers.

There is currently no word on Kane’s recovery time and when The Big Red Monster will return to action.