Kane Talks About Seeing African American Wrestlers Being Subjected to Racism

Glenn Jacobs, the current mayor of Knox County, Tennessee who is also known as Kane in WWE, was interviewed by TPA Talks recently where he gave his opinion on several issues facing the country.

According to Kane, he saw the racism that black people in the U.S. face during his days traveling with African American wrestlers.

“One of my travel partners for years was D-Lo Brown, and even Mark Henry and Dwayne Johnson,” he said.

“I saw some of the stuff,” he continued. “I remember one time driving with D-Lo in Detroit and the police come up next to us and they shine their spotlight in the car and look then drive off.”

“I had never experienced that before and so I asked what the hell was that and D-Lo said, ‘That’s driving while black,’” he said.

According to Kane, certain things are really different for different people and only by making changes to the systems can change happen.

“I can’t put myself in the shoes of an African American,” he stressed. “It’s a matter of perspective.”

“The root issue is that we have the ability to live your life and create what you want to create,” he added. “And for some people, it’s just not available or delivered.”