Kane Wants One More Match With The Undertaker, Steve Austin Talks Control Over WWE Creative

Image via WWE

The Devil’s Favorite Demon, Kane, may have left full-time wrestling for a full-time career in politics, but that hasn’t stopped him from making wrestling-oriented appearances from time to time.

Kane last wrestled for WWE at Crown Jewel 2018, where he teamed up with his kayfabe brother Undertaker to take on the D-Generation X (Shawn Michaels and Triple H), in a losing effort.

Kane recently spoke on the After The Bell podcast and said he wished to compete alongside the Phenom one more time before he retires for good. The two superstars have had some memorable encounters in the past as part of the Brothers of Destruction, and have even provided quality entertainment while competing against each other in singles action.

“I’d love like one last match with Undertaker, the Brothers of Destruction against someone. That would be so awesome. In WWE, you never say never. When it comes to me, that’s how I treat my career going forward.”

Both the superstars are on the wrong side of fifty and don’t have much wrestling left in them. Undertaker’s recent matches have been highly criticized, and rightfully so. The two superstars could lace up their boots for one final time, and a short match together could be a good way to say goodbye to the future Hall of Famers.

Another legend of the business, Stone Cold Steve Austin, recently spoke on Barstool Sports’ podcast and talked about his in-ring career. Austin said he didn’t bow down to the WWE Creative, and always called them out for bad storylines.

“I had a lot of control and they always for the most part put me in really good positions to do great things, but I was one of the worst if I didn’t like an idea I would flat-out tell you that’s bullsh*t and they’d say, ‘Well do you have a better idea?’ and I’d say, ‘No’ and it’d be like three hours before live TV and they’d have to come up with a completely different thing for Stone Cold to do. So, I was always the first guy in the building. I was always the last guy to leave. I worked my ass off, but if I don’t like creative I’ll let you know about it.”

Stone Cold had a successful career, and his control over the creative was a major reason behind it. WWE’s current writers need to take a clue and stop the micro-management and over-scripted promos, which have drawn criticism from all corners.