Kane Was Initially Set To Be Called ‘Inferno’

It's gotta be Kane!

Image via WWE

Kane‘s WWE career is nothing short of legendary. Kane stayed in the company full-time for nearly two decades before switching over to a part-time rule during his mayoral campaign. Kane is a company man through and through and has been a dedicated servant for the professional business.

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It’s gotta be KANE!

Kane recently appeared on WWE Untold and talked about his character and the origins of his demon persona. Kane revealed that WWE initially planned on calling him ‘Inferno‘, which would’ve been quite a fit for his fiery persona.

“I remember initially they wanted to name the character ‘Inferno’, which I was like, ‘Inferno? That ain’t good at all’ but Bruce Prichard had always been a fan of the name ‘Kane’. In fact, Undertaker was originally a man named Kane and Bruce’s son is named Kane.”

Bruce Pritchard returned to WWE in a major role last year, and seems like he was the main force behind Kane getting his iconic name. Kane and The Undertaker had an iconic partnership over the years, as the storyline brothers often teamed up as the Brothers of Destruction.

The Undertaker originally debuted in WWE and was known as ‘Kane The Undertaker‘, before his in-ring name was shortened to simply ‘The Undertaker’.

Kane may be a mayor of Knoxville now, but that doesn’t prevent the Devil’s Favorite Demon from making WWE appearances occasionally. He last competed at a WWE PPV during the Crown Jewel event in November last year, where he teamed up with The Undertaker to take on Shawn Michaels and Triple H.

Kane even made a surprise return to WWE programming last week, when he won the 24/7 championship from R-Truth, only to lose it a few hours later. Kane helped Seth Rollins in the main event of the evening but was greeted by The Fiend, who delivered the Mandible Claw.

It’s a good thing that Kane was named Kane, and not Inferno. ‘It’s gotta be Inferno’, doesn’t sound quite right, does it?