Karl Anderson Calls Paul Heyman ‘The Greatest Promo Guy’ of All Time

Karl Anderson was fired from WWE along with his good brother Luke Gallows a few months ago, and the duo moved to Impact Wrestling last month.

The Good Brothers have dropped a few bombshells on their TalkNShop podcast, with Anderson having strong words for Paul Heyman.

However, on the latest episode of the show, Anderson heaped praise on the former RAW Executive Director, who was blamed for the release of Gallows-Anderson.

Anderson felt that Heyman is quite smart when it comes to booking the shows and was held down often. He also called Heyman the best promo guy in the business.

“Maybe to be the devil’s advocate, maybe because he had somebody above him not allowing him to be completely him and trust me I don’t want to stick up for him. But just saying maybe he wasn’t able to go as far as he wanted to go, maybe that was what was holding him back…I absolutely think he wasn’t a genius but he’s a good promo guy now.”

“He’s the greatest promo guy of all time and to your face as well. He would tell me I was a top guy. I would go, ‘hold on, I know I am but you don’t think I am and neither does he or he or he. I think I am but I know that I’m not in this environment.’”

Anderson was still resentful towards the former ECW owner but didn’t hold back from giving credit where it’s due.

Heyman was fired from his position as the chief booker of RAW and recently returned as Roman Reigns’ mouthpiece.