Kayla Braxton Deactivates Twitter After Announcing HeartBreaking News to Her Followers

Kayla Braxton has already tested positive for COVID-19 on two separate occasions. The WWE announcer revealed that she had tested positive back in March 2020 following the worldwide lockdown, before later revealing that she had caught the virus for a second time in June.

Braxton made the announcement to inform her followers that the virus could be caught for a second time, but received a lot of abuse and was forced to take a hiatus from social media.

WWE is currently struggling with more COVID-19 cases with WWE Champion Drew McIntyre currently the only star who has been revealed to have tested positive.

Braxton took to Twitter following last night’s Raw to announce the sad news that someone close to her passed away from COVID while she was working.

Braxton received the phone call while at Raw and then revealed that she opened Twitter to several jokes about her and her history with the virus.

After updating a Tweet that has since been removed, Braxton once again deactivated her Twitter account.

The WWE announcer has had her own fair share of issues with the virus in recent months, but time away from Twitter could allow the star to heal from the negativity and move forward.