Kayla Braxton “Leaks” Backstage Audio Featuring Sami Zayn

WWE Interviewer Kayla Braxton has released an “exclusive” audio recording of the current Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn on her Instagram.

The leaked audio features Zayn reportedly berating a member of the backstage crew. WWE has since picked up the audio posted by Braxton and Tweeted it out.

Zayn’s tirade against the stagehand allegedly took place after the segment on this week’s episode of SmackDown where Big E crashed Zayn’s “Sami Awards”.

“Don’t apologize to me, just tell me what the hell happened out there. Tell me how you allowed that to happen,” says Zayn to the hapless stagehand.

“Do you know how hard it was to get the Sami awards to happen?” he continues, name dropping the FOX network.

The audio is allegedly a parody of a similar incident where the audio of Hollywood actor and producer Tom Cruise berated crew who were on the set of the latest “Mission Impossible” film. It is also a continuation of Zayn’s current “self-important” heel character.

“They’re looking to me to put on quality programming, do you understand? Do you understand that people are depending on me? I sleep with that responsibility, every night. Do you understand that? So where were you?!” ends the audio.