Kayla Braxton Tests Positive For COVID-19 For a Second Time, Quits Twitter Due to Cyberbullying

WWE has been struggling over the past few days after it was reported yesterday that “almost two dozen” WWE stars had now received positive COVID 19 test results.

Last week, the company was hit with their first positive from inside the Performance Center, while the company reported that there was an off-screen star who had tested positive back in March.

Backstage interviewer Kayla Braxton became the third WWE employee to reveal that she had tested positive for COVID-19 earlier today. Braxton took to Social Media after Renee Young and Adam Pearce were revealed to have already tested positive for the virus.

Braxton interestingly also revealed that she was the star who tested positive back in March and believed that because she had already had it, she was immune. She sent out a warning to the WWE Universe that this wasn’t the case since she now has it again.

“Was keeping it quiet but since everyone else is sharing, I feel like it is my responsibility to share this PSA: YOU CAN GET COVID-19 MORE THAN ONCE! I had it back in early March and then thought I was invincible after I recovered. Not true. Dont be dumb like me.”— Kayla Braxton (@KaylaBraxtonWWE) June 25, 2020

Braxton went on to reveal that it’s been an emotionally exhausting few weeks for her and after her latest update incited cyberbullying she decided to take a break from Twitter. The star has since deleted her profile and it’s unknown when she will be ready to make her Twitter return.

Many more names are expected to reveal their test results in the coming days since WWE released the following statement regarding their thorough testing of employees moving forward.

“WWE will continue COVID-19 testing of its talent, production crew, and employees in advance of TV productions for the foreseeable future.”

WWE Backstage host Renee Young revealed earlier today that she had contracted the virus and that she was feeling unwell a while ago and initially tested negative before the recent positive test. Young is reportedly doing much better and has her husband Jon Moxley by her side since he will now need to self isolate.

Jon Moxley was also taken off AEW Dynamite last night following Renee’s positive result and after AEW President Tony Khan revealed that he had been exposed to the virus outside of AEW’s venue. Reports coming out this morning revealed that the former WWE star had received a negative test result.