Keith Lee Reveals His Horrible Encounters With The Police

Keith Lee maybe one of the biggest names on the WWE NXT roster currently, but he didn’t have a rollercoaster ride. The North American Champion has revealed his struggles before joining the company, and how he was rejected several times during WWE tryouts.

The death of George Floyd has brought together the whole United States of America, with everyone showing solidarity for the African-American who was killed after a cop put his knee on the victim’s neck during the arrest.

Keith Lee shared his own experiences with the United States police and revealed how he was stopped by the police for doing normal tasks such as taking a walk.

Lee stood in support with everyone who is protesting the police brutality, as massive riots and protests have broken out all over the country following the incident.

“It has been quite heartwarming seeing many of my peers, strangers, and friends embrace things such as #BlackLivesMatters recently.

“It is extremely sad to me that it has taken such extreme circumstances for that to come to fruition. And yet… There are still many who misunderstand the phrase.”

“I am a person who has been stopped by police for going for a walk. Or….for going on a jog. Even simply stargazing at night (clear skies are not always available in the city). Even with those experiences, I never once considered the idea that “all cops are bad” because thoughts like that are just as narrow-minded and short-sighted as racism.”

“As a guy that is firmly #ForHumanity, I believe #AllLivesMatter. Truly. Unfortunately….the people use that phrase often think #BlackLivesMatter mean only black lives matter.”

“I think….my fellow humans…..that my friends, family, the people online….they just want black lives to ALSO matter. Nothing more. It is simple but says so much. #BlackLivesMatterToo”

Keith Lee has often come across as a fine gentleman through his promos and overall personality, and his thoughtful comment on the issue speaks volumes about his wisdom.