Keith Lee Talks About Vince McMahon Legitimately Hitting Him on Raw

Recently, WWE released a documentary on Keith Lee on the Network. In one of the episodes, Lee talked about Vince McMahon giving him a legitimate punch on WWE Raw. 

In 2009, Triple H, Vince McMahon, and Shane McMahon feuded with Legacy. At one point, Vince even took down a guard who stood between Legacy and The McMahons. That man was Keith Lee. 

Apparently, someone pranked him and said that he would have to go down after McMahon punches him. Keith also revealed that the punch Vince gave to him was very, very real. 

“Someone came up to me and was like if you’re getting punched by Vince McMahon, you need to go down. I’m like, hey no problem! And I’m pretty sure that whoever that was played a joke on me because the moment that the McMahons came down and Vince McMahon jawed me and when I say he jawed me, he JAWED me. So I go down and he looks confused. Of course! Why would the 300-pound dude go down from one punch? And when they were done with the others, it was like there was no way we’re done with the big guy! So they picked me up and I was like ‘What did I do to deserve this?!’”

As of now, Keith is one of the powerhouses on WWE Raw that’s being regularly featured. He made his main roster debut at SummerSlam and also won the NXT North American Championship a few months ago.