Ken Anderson Talks About Why He Never Returned To The WWE

Image via WWE

Back in the early 2000s, one of the most popular WWE superstars was arguably Ken Anderson, who was wrestling under the moniker Mr. Kennedy.

He debuted on the main roster in 2005 and won his first title– the United States Championship, a year afterwards.  According to some reports, he was to become World Heavyweight Championship in 2007, but was derailed by an injury.

Anderson returned to the WWE in 2009, but he was quickly released.

Talking during an episode of the Pancakes and Powerslams Show, Anderson discussed what happened to WWE career and why he never returned.

“I don’t really know,” admitted Anderson before elaborating that it might have had something to do with his attitude.

“I was very – I was like bitter for a couple of years after I left WWE, and said some things I probably shouldn’t have said. In hindsight, I can say if I could point to any one reason, I would point to myself,” said Anderson.

Ken Anderson aka Mr. Kennedy

Anderson talked about the events that led to the derailment of his original push. He had been the Money in the Bank contract holder in 2007 but was made to “lose” the contract to Edge to give him time to recover from what was thought to be a long injury. Before that he was supposed to cash in on the Undertaker.

 “I think I was two days away from capturing the [World Heavyweight Championship]. Something like that. Well, it was the next day. I was actually gonna win the title from Taker the next day. We already planned it, [WWE] had sort of given me a layout, and then I got that injury,” he said.

After departing in 2009, Anderson moved on to TNA where he did quite well for himself, winning two World Championships. Nowadays, he takes the occasional independent bookings, but is concentrating on being the owner and head trainer at The Academy: School of Professional Wrestling in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Check out the entire interview in the video below: