Ken Shamrock Has Unfinished Business With The WWE

ken shamrock
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Ken Shamrock, one of the first mixed martial artists to cross over and make a name for themselves in the WWE, is considering a WWE return.

In an interview for Adam’s Apple on YouTube, Shamrock was asked about the possibility of  returning to either the wrestling ring or the mixed martial arts ring.

According to Shamrock, the WWE is “something I’m looking at”.

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“Definitely have been throwing little feeler out there to get an opportunity,” he said.

According to Shamrock, he has unfinished business with the WWE as he never held the world title.

“There’s some unfinished business there, so I’ve always kind of been throwing feelers out there, saying, listen, I’d like to go back and get a run at the title. But, no response up to this point. But we’ll see what happens,” Shamrock said in the interview.

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Shamrock debuted in the WWE, then the WWF, back in 1997 and was billed as “The World’s Dangerous Man”. While he was involved in a series of feuds for the WWF Championship and the WWF International Championship, he failed to capture either title. He did win King of the Ring in 1998 and became WWF Tag Team Champions with The Big Boss Man in 1998.

He left the WWE to return to mixed martial arts in 1999. He hasn’t returned since, though he did do two stints in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling in 2002 and 2004.

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With regards to returning to MMA, Shamrock stated that it would only be for a bout with Royce Gracie.

“I’ve always said that I think the fans deserve better than that in the last fight we had,” said Shamrock.

Check out the complete interview below: