Ken Shamrock on How Impact Wrestling Resembles Attitude Era

Ken Shamrock was one of the most successful MMA fighters in the world. Recently, Shamrock got inducted into the Impact Hall of Fame by a fellow wrestler, The Rock.

Shamrock was recently interviewed by Lucha Libre Online, and he talked about various things. Among others, Ken talked about how the current Impact Wrestling product resembles WWE’s Attitude Era.

“It’s been very interesting because you got so much stuff going on that if you’re not focused on what you’re doing, then you’re going to miss something that you’re involved with. But because there’s so much going on outside of what you’re doing it’s hard not to pay attention to it. Like, you know, the Wrestler’s Court. There’s so many different things and I think the creative writing in this, it reminds me of the Attitude Era.

Shamrock said that there are so many storylines going on at the same time that nobody’s angle seems superior to the other, which the Impact wrestler thinks is a good thing.

“When there were so many different writers and there were so many different things going on, that it just seemed like nobody’s angle (story) was more important than anybody else’s. Because there were so many other things going on that you got to these smorgasbords (variety) of storylines. And so that nobody gets bored of watching the same thing over again because it’s a different movie for each person. It’s been very creative and I thought very intelligent writing in my opinion.”