Kenny Omega “Appears” in WWE ThunderDome

While the WWE ThunderDome set up has been relatively successful in adding some atmosphere for WWE shows while live fans are still unable to attend, it has not been without hitches.

Most problems have stemmed from the behavior of virtual fans, who have been flashing images deemed offensive during the show.

Particularly erroneous were images of the KKK as well as Chris Benoit that were captured during the last episode of Monday Night Raw.

After the incidents on Raw, WWE released a statement calling the behavior “abhorrent” and not reflective of the company’s values. They also said they would work to ban any virtual fan found doing such things from future events.

WWE has also allegedly been monitoring the screens more intensely for “inappropriate actions” and removing them for the live screens.

It seems to have mostly worked for the last episode of SmackDown, though some fans noticed that it took some time for them to take down a photo that wasn’t exactly offensive but probably one the WWE wanted up: a photo of AEW’s Kenny Omega.

Omega himself had a bit of fun with the news, tweeting that he was just “trying to have a good time.”