Kenny Omega Calls Out “Weird WWE Stans” on Twitter

At Royal Rumble, Kevin Owens challenged Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship in a Last Man Standing match. During their match, The Big Dog ran Owens down with a golf cart.

Soon, some AEW fans started tweeting that WWE copied what Kenny and Matt did on AEW Dynamite.

The AEW Champion then tweeted, “Guys, I know. They did it well so props to all involved.”

But this led to many fans reminding The Cleaner that the golf cart thing happened way before in WWE at WrestleMania 17. Omega didn’t like this and he responded with another tweet:

“Word of advice to all you weird WWE stans. If you’re trying to piss me off, tweet something controversial about a video game I like. I don’t care much about wresting opinions. Those are yours. Have them.”

This wasn’t the first time that WWE and AEW fans started an online war on Twitter.