Kenny Omega: “It Was Either WWE or AEW”

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Former New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) Star Kenny Omega recently signed on to be both an in-ring talent and an Executive Vice President for All Elite Wrestling (AEW). He gave an interview to Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer where he revealed that, if it hadn’t been AEW, it would have been the WWE.

According to Omega, while he loves Japan , he believed that he needed to move to another promotion to grow as a performer.

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“Japan is still going to have a place in my heart, a place in my life but AEW, for me, or even WWE, kinda seemed like the next step.[With] potential dream matches and all that, and sort of using the new platform, not necessarily a better one, or a bigger one or whatever. I just wanted a new platform to reach new people, to use my voice and my unique way of telling stories and all of that. I wanted just to change the stage that I had been performing on,” said Omega.

According to Omega, while WWE’s offer was “fantastic”, AEW offered him a chance to have a bit more control and creative input on the direction of his character.

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Omega did acknowledge that at times, the idea of WWE creative doing “the work” for him was attractive. As was the idea of working with current WWE superstars.

“Part of me was like, do I maybe want to shut my brain off? Have people write for me? Tell me what to do? It sounds kinda cool, actually,” said Omega.

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“ I can’t deny WWE has a ton of dream matches with guys that I would love to work with, and guys that are my friends. But just AEW is, like, I love the potential of being able to work with all of these incredible, unique talents from every corner of the globe essentially,” he added.

Omega also told Metzler that his current contract with AEW is for four years.