Kenny Omega Reveals What He Would Need to Beat Brock Lesnar

On his Twitter account, AEW World Champion Kenny Omega was asked by a fan what he thought about multiple-time WWE Champion Brock Lesnar and the possibility of a future dream match.

Omega started out his answer by praising Lesnar, calling him “one of the greatest athletes and performers of all time”.

Omega then made a joke about what would happen if he and Lesnar would have a match.

“I’d need more friends if I were to face him,” said Omega.

Though Omega is known for his prowess in-ring, and earned the nickname Best Bout Machine, out of the ring he’s often involved in storylines where he’s surrounded by “friends” who may or may not help him out in-ring.

The most famous of those friends is The Bullet Club and the splinter faction he led, The Elite. Omega set up and went to AEW with “The Elite” and is still nominally aligned with The Young Bucks.

Meanwhile, the cross-promotional storyline with AEW and Impact has seen The Good Brothers constantly at Omega’s side at AEW shows.

Lesnar is currently a free agent as the WWE contract ended in August.  He last appeared in WWE at WrestleMania 36.