Kenny Omega Wants To Face Seth Rollins, Tommaso Ciampa Willing To Face Either One

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That escalated quickly.

During the ACE Comic-Con in Chicago, current WWE Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins was asked a pretty “standard” question: ‘Who is the wrestler, not currently signed with the WWE, that he would want to face?’.

Rollins answered that he would want to have a match with the current face of New Japan Pro Wrestling and their IWGP heavyweight champion Kenny Omega.

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The reason?

“I am the best wrestler in the world, and would like to prove that,” explained Rollins.

The answer was well received by the Chicago crowd and got the attention of Omega himself.

Omega responded to Rollins by commenting on a tweet on WrestlingNewsCo’s Twitter feed. Omega simply said the proposal was “exciting”, but they would need to find an appropriate venue.

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Now, the current WWE NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa has chimed in on the matter.

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Ciampa stated that, once Rollins and Omega had fought to decide which of them was the better wrestler, the winner can and should face him.

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Ciampa calls himself “The Best Sports Entertainer Of All Time”. His Tweet at both Seth Rollins and Kenny Omega proposes that the match be: The Best Wrestler in the World vs. The Greatest Sports Entertainer of All Time.

Ciampa ends his Tweet by saying that somebody should let Rollins and Omega know about his challenge. While there have probably been a lot of fans who are doing just that, there has yet to be a response from either Rollins or Omega.