Kenny Omega Reveals WWE Dream Opponent, Eric Bischoff Comments On Arn Anderson, X-Pac On DX’s WWE Hall Of Fame Inductor

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Kenny Omega Reveals WWE Dream Opponent

Kenny Omega is a full-time roster member and co-Executive Vice President of All Elite Wrestling.

The Cleaner turned down WWE’s mega offer and signed with AEW last month.

During a recent interview with Tokyo-Sports, Omega revealed his dream opponent from WWE.

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AJ Styles [would be my dream WWE match].”

“But, for example, you have wrestlers saying, ‘I want to go to Wrestlemania.’ The WrestleMania for me was Tokyo Dome. My biggest dream has already come true. From now on, I want to concentrate on not only myself but wrestling overall. I do not want to imitate what I did in [New Japan]. I want to show my favorite professional wrestling to the world and I will in AEW. Of course, I love Japan. I still live here and I like wrestling in Japan. But I could not do much more in New Japan now.“

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Eric Bischoff On Arn Anderson

Arn Anderson was recently fired from WWE owing to “an incident” with Vince McMahon that didn’t end too well for him.

On After 83 Weeks with Christy Olson, Eric Bischoff addressed Arn’s firing, stating how the long-time employee is irreplaceable in WWE.

“It’s not even knowledge as much because wrestling is more art than science–it’s instinct. That’s what they’re going to miss the most. When Arn is fully engaged and is feeling good about what he’s doing and the team he’s working with, he’s got a great instinct.”

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“He understands the psychology and he feels what works and what doesn’t. You can’t replace that. You can find a lot of people that know a lot of wrestling holds and have seen a million matches and have an opinion on 10 million different things, but it’s hard to replace that instinct.”

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X-Pac On DX’s WWE Hall Of Fame Inductor

On WINCLY podcast, WWE-TNA icon Sean “X-Pac” Waltman revealed which famous personality, in his opinion, should have the privilege to induct D-Generation X (Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Billy Gunn, X-Pac, Road DoggChyna) into WWE’s Hall Of Fame Class of 2019.

“If there’s gonna be an inductor…maybe Mike Tyson. He was a such a huge part of the early success of DX in the Attitude Era.”

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“It’s an amazing feeling obviously…I didn’t know if I was ever gonna make it to see this day,” admitted Waltman. “With DX, NWO, singles – probably at some point it would be recognized. But man, I wasn’t doing too good at some point so you never know.”