Kenta Hospitalized Following Championship Win, Triple H Says Vince McMahonWatches NXT UK


Former WWE Superstar Hideo Itami, who now wrestles again under his original ring name of KENTA was reportedly hospitalized this morning.

KENTA, who wrestled for and won the NEVER Openweight Championship at NJPW Royal Quest in London, sent out a Tweet just hours after saying he was in the hospital for undisclosed reasons.

KENTA took the NEVER Openweight Championship off of Tomohiro Ishii who has held it since June. This is the first time that KENTA has held this particular title.

Check out some fan posts of KENTA and Ishii’s match below:

Triple H Comments On Vince McMahon And NXT UK

After NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff Triple H made himself available for a Q&A where he talked a bit about how the NXT UK brand was being perceived.

According to Triple H, WWE Chairman and owner Vince McMahon is indeed “paying attention” to NXT UK.

“He’s very proud of it all. I know he’s very excited about all the talent here and what they were able to accomplish. What they did here tonight, he’s proud of that. Proud of every performer. Trust me he sees, he hears it, and he’s watching,” said Triple H.

According to Triple H, it’s not just McMahon who is watching and interested in NXT UK and the talented performers on the roster, but also other WWE superstars.

“I get it over and over again like, ‘Hey if you need me to come to the UK,’ ‘Hey I’ll love to face so and so in the UK.’ Even in the women. I just see it across the board that desire to compete against the best of the best,” said Triple H

You can check out the entire Q&A with Triple H in the video below: