Kevin Nash Believes RAW Is Too Long

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WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash recently gave an interview on Catch Au Quotidien. Aside from being a wrestler in WWE, WCW, and TNA, Nash was also an agent and a producer.

According to Nash, WWE is making a mistake that WCW did back when he was a booker for the production during the Monday Night Wars. Mostly, Nash feels that the three hour block of RAW is too much, especially as the WWE also has SmackDown LIVE and NXT.

Nash recalls that when he was a booker and WCW Monday Nitro added an extra hour of programming it was a “big killer.” At that point, Nash was helping to book episodes of both Nitro and WCW Thunder, which meant he was part of a team responsible of booking 10 hours of TV a week.

“We had to write three hours of Nitro and two hours of Thunder, but since Thunders together, you had to book Nitro around to fit between that Thunder to make that work,” Nash said. “So you were booking 10 hours of TV every Wednesday, and flipping it and flipping it. If one person got hurt, or it would be timing. It was just, logistically, a nightmare.”

He also talked about what, if ever, he would do if he was booking the current programs in the WWE. He said he would change the current layout of the shows.

“It’s just that it starts out pretty much the same every week where somebody comes down, cuts a promo, they get cut off and basically, the main event is set up in the first 15-to-20 minutes,” elaborated Nash.

Nash was also asked about the possibility of working with AEW, either as an agent, producer or even an on-air talent. According to Nash, he would rather return to the WWE.

 “My closest friend in the business is Paul Levesque (Triple H),” Nash said. “If I was going to work in the office for somebody, it would be with WWE.”