Kevin Nash Defends WWE’s COVID-19 Protocols

WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash recently spoke out about criticisms of the WWE’s COVID-19 protocols.

The criticisms come in the wake of WWE Champion Drew McIntyre testing positive for COVID-19 and news that another Hall of Famer, the 71-year-old Ric Flair is going to be a “regular performer” on Raw.

Given as Flair is part of the “at-risk” population for COVID-19 and has already had a history of health problems, some are questioning the wisdom of WWE allowing Flair to actively perform during the pandemic.

In response to an article talking about the issue with the inflammatory headline “Is WWE trying to kill Ric Flair?”, Nash detailed his own experience with WWE’s COVID-19 precautions.

Nash noted that he thought that reports that WWE’s COVID testing procedures were inadequate were “complete bullshit”.

According to him, every time he was involved in a show, he was tested then quarantined in a hotel room before being brought to the arena.

According to Nash’s tweet, there had been a time when he tested positive, at which point he was sent directly home to quarantine.

Previously, Nash had already disclosed that he and his wife tested positive for COVID-19 last September.