Kevin Nash, Randy Orton, JBL Push WWE Crown Jewel In Saudi Arabia

kevin nash
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4-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion and former WWE Champion Kevin Nash stands in favor of Saudi Arabia hosting WWE’s upcoming pay-per-view event Crown Jewel despite the combustible situation between United States and Saudi Arabia following the disappearance of US journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Addressing the situation, Nash wrote on Twitter:

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In a follow-up tweet, “Big Sexy” noted that WWE should honor the contract with Saudi Arabia as “it’s entertainment and not a UN summit.”

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Khashoggi was reportedly murdered inside the Saudi Consulate on October 2, 2018. Jamal went missing ever since but ahead of his disappearance, he was reporting for The Washington Post that has published numerous stories on Saudi Arabian crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman.

Things got worse when leaked news claimed that the Saudi government was ready to admit that Khashoggi was killed during an interrogation gone wrong.

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Hell finally broke loose when CNN reported that as per a Turkish official’s confirmation, Khashoggi was cut into pieces. The claim came after a 9-hour long search was conducted by the Turkish officials in the Saudi consulate on Monday night.

It was earlier reported that several WWE Superstars and WWE producers were reluctant to go to Saudi Arabia for Crown Jewel.

13-time World Champion “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton is also of the same opinion – that WWE should continue with Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia.

In a recent interview with TMZ, Orton said:

“I think we should go. I think the only way to help with change over there is to go and not to cancel the trip,” Orton said. He added, “That’s the goal is to make things better everywhere and I think us NOT going doesn’t help. Going helps.”

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Former WWE Champion and second-longest reigning SmackDown Champion, John “Bradshaw” Layfield (JBL) is on the same page as Nash and Orton.

On Fox Business Network, JBL said that WWE should go to Saudi Arabia for Crown Jewel and continue to “promote change”.