Kevin Owens Addresses Stone Cold After Stunner

Kevin Owens made his WWE in-ring return this week on SmackDown Live. The returning Owens directly replaced the much deserving Kofi Kingston in the WWE Championship match against Daniel Bryan at Fastlane.

Later that night, KO teamed up with Kofi to defeat Bryan and Rowan in tag team action. The Prizefighter hit the (in)famous Stunner on Bryan to lead his team to victory.

Post-match, Owens took to Twitter to address WWE Hall Of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin.

After all, it was The Rattlesnake who made the Stunner famous in all of pro wrestling business.

Austin responded by tweeting a side-by-side comparison of the two moves and wrote, “Highly effective. When executed properly the results are complete devastation.”

Big E Asks WWE To Enable Comments

Vince McMahon‘s official announcement of Kevin Owens replacing Kofi Kingston in the WWE Title match at Fastlane definitely shocked and enraged The New Day.

WWE posted on Instagram about KO’s return and his subsequent title shot. One thing the company didn’t forget to do was to disable the comments for that post.

Later on, Big E asked WWE to enable the comments so that the WWE Universe can vent their opinion.

Goes without saying, WWE already knew the resentment or backlash that would come from fans and thus decided to disable the comments beforehand.

Baron Corbin Would Have Kept Kofi Kingston In Fastlane Title Match

There’s been much talk in the pro wrestling community after Kevin Owens replaced Kofi Kingston in the WWE Championship match against Daniel Bryan at Fastlane.

Former Acting RAW General Manager Baron Corbin recently noted that he would’ve kept Kofi in the title match if he were still in charge. The Lone Wolf also told fans that they are the ones to blame.

KO was rather shocked to see this tweet and went on to remind Corbin of old times.