Kevin Owens Almost Returned Permanently to NXT

It used to be, and sometimes still is thought to be, that NXT talents were just waiting to “move up” to either the Blue or the Red brand.

However, this began to change last year when past NXT talents began to move back to the Black and Gold brand.

One of the first was Tyler Breeze who brought his tag team partner Fandango with him. The most stunning return, however, has got to be the current NXT Champion and former Universal Champion Finn Balor who also held the NXT title before being “called up”.

Another former NXT Champion, Kevin Owens, made a one night return during NXT TakeOver: WarGames III, and in a recent interview with Bleacher Report Owens revealed that the move was almost permanent.

“Last year at some point, I was going back to NXT. It was all in motion and it was going to happen, and it didn’t.”

According to Owens, while he had been thinking of making the move, it’s not something he’s interested in now.

“Now, I want to be on Raw or be on SmackDown and just fight like hell to create some memorable moments for everybody. That’s all I want at this point.”

Owens is currently part of the Raw brand and, while he is eligible to be drafted to SmackDown, he was not one of those picked during the SmackDown episode of the draft. He is, however, involved in a storyline with The Fiend and was on SmackDown for a match which he lost.