Kevin Owens Asked For Steve Austin’s Approval Before Using Stunner As His New Finisher

Austin was surprised that nobody asked him about it before Owens

Image via WWE

Kevin Owens is currently one of the hottest acts in professional wrestling, and his new character change came a few months ago. Ever since he developed a new persona, Owens has drawn comparisons to another rebellious personality, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Owens started using Austin’s iconic Stunner as his own finisher a few months ago, and it has been a major hit with the WWE Universe. Owens brought out the Stunner in 2017 when he faced off against Roman Reigns. However, he started using the Stunner as a permanent finisher recently.

Kevin Owens recently spoke with Sports Illustrated and talked about his new persona. Owens felt that his powerbomb finisher had lost its impact as many individuals were using the maneuver. He said that he asked Austin whether he could use the move, and the Rattlesnake had no problem whatsoever.

“I felt like everybody was doing powerbombs left and right, and I wanted to try something else. And one day it occurred to me that no one does the stunner as a finishing move, but to me, it’s always been the best move. So I just went to Steve one day when he was here and I asked him, and he said, ‘I can’t believe nobody’s asked me this before, but of course you can use it. Do whatever you want with it.’”

Owens said that he took Austin’s permission because he respected him. and said that he will continue to call it as Stunner itself.

“I did that out of respect for the people who’ve come before me. I would never want to do that without his approval. He gave me the approval and it’s working for me, so I have no intention of stopping and no intention of renaming it, either. It’s the stunner and it always will be the stunner.”

Many superstars have adopted finishers from previous superstars, with current stars like Roman Reigns using the Spear and Seth Rollins having used the Pedigree for a long time.