Kevin Owens Didn’t Enjoy Being The Universal Champion

Kevin Owens was just the second Universal Champion in WWE history, a title that he was basically handed by Triple H on an episode of Monday Night Raw when he turned on his longtime friend Seth Rollins when he hit him with a pedigree.

Owens was awarded the title after it was vacated by Finn Balor because he sustained a number of injuries back at SummerSlam in 2016 and needed to undergo surgery. Owens went on to lose the title to Goldberg the following year when his issues with Chris Jericho caught up to him at Fastlane 2017.

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It’s interesting to note that Owens is still yet to be given a rematch for the Universal Championship, since Goldberg’s next match saw him lose the title to Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania and by then Owens had moved out of the title picture.

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Given the way the reign began and ended, it’s easy to see why Owens wouldn’t have enjoyed his time at the top of WWE’s ladder, but the former Champion recently appeared on Lilian Garcia’s Chasing Glory podcast where he was able to elaborate on the reasons why he didn’t like being a Champion in WWE.

“Personally I barely appreciate the moments as they go by. Like my wife will tell me all the time, ‘You were the Universal Champion and I had never seen you more stressed’ and then now I look back and I think yeah I would have probably done things differently when I was Universal Champion if it had been up to me.”

“Some storylines would have been different or I would have done different things or I would have loved to have this match or stuff like that, but ultimately I was still Universal Champion and I don’t remember, I honestly don’t remember enjoying it which sucks,” he said via Ringsidenews.