Kevin Owens Doesn’t Want To Become The Next Stone Cold Steve Austin

Owens feels Austin is in a different league altogether

Image via WWE

Kevin Owens‘ recent character change and use of the Stunner, has drawn several comparisons with WWE’s biggest star ever, Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin recently said in an interview that Kevin Owens is not going to be the next Stone Cold, and Owens is a phenomenal athlete.

Austin didn’t want Owens to be compared to him, just like he was during the late 90s, when people compared him with Bret Hart and Ric Flair. Owens recently spoke with Yahoo Sports, and said he doesn’t want to be the next Steve Austin.

Owens feels Austin is in a different league altogether, and he looks up to him as a role model. Owens says he has a personality similar to Austin simply because he grew up watching the Texas Rattlesnake. Comparisons are normal according to him, but he is just trying to be what he really is.

“I would never be foolish enough to consider myself in Steve Austin’s league or anyone else for that matter. Nobody will ever touch what he was or what he accomplished as a WWE superstar. It’s only normal, right? You’re going to compare people to wrestlers of the past. It happens in all walks of life. I’m not trying to be Stone Cold Steve Austin, I’m really just trying to be who I am. There’s a lot of the things I do probably seem similar to Steve Austin because that’s who I grew up watching. They’re imprinted on me.”

Owens also talked about missing WrestleMania and how it hurt him a lot, and how he has enjoyed the last few months after returning from injury. Owens worked a program with the New Day for quite some time after his return and enjoyed working with superstars who he hadn’t got a chance to work with earlier.

Kevin Owens will wrestle Shane McMahon at SummerSlam, in a match similar to Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Vince McMahon back in the Attitude Era.