Kevin Owen’s Dream Finally Comes True, Shares Stage With Shania Twain At Live Concert


WWE Superstar Kevin Owen’s boyhood dream finally came true on Tuesday as the WWE Superstar joined The Queen of Country Pop, Shania Twain onstage during her live concert in Montreal.

Twain brought KO onstage for his efforts (continue reading below) and although the popular country singer did not sing “When” — she claimed to not remember all the lyrics — the $400 million net worth Twain did give Owens props for being a true fan and promised to perform it next time. The singer also let KO snap a selfie.

The story: After Owens was fired a couple of months ago (kayfabe), he changed his name back to Kevin Steen on Twitter and lost his blue checkmark verification in the process. A couple of weeks ago, Owens got his verification checkmark back. The former WWE Universal Champion was quick to let fans know he got his status back on Twitter for a totally different reason other than anything that had to do with being a WWE Superstar.

Owens turned his Twitter account into an open plea to singer Shania Twain — the plea to Twain to sing his favourite song “When” Twain whenever he might see her perform live. His Twitter bio still reads (as of this writing):

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“I got verified again so that I can beg Shania Twain to play my favorite song “When” at her concert this summer in Montreal because I’ll be there. I’m serious.”

The now-deleted KO tweet on Tuesday (June 19) read, “Hello, Shania Twain! I’m Kevin. I’m a WWE wrestler and fellow Canadian. I had quite a rough couple of days. I was thrown off a very tall ladder by an awful man. I’m really hurting… What would make me feel better is hearing you sing ‘When’ at your concert in Montreal tonight.” Owens quickly deleted the tweet realizing that the concert was next week (June 26, 2018).

The Prizefighter had followed up his initial tweet with yet another now-deleted tweet:

“By the way, I’m sorry that my tweet will now probably get you bombarded all day by WWE fans asking you to play ‘When’ tonight but my awesome wife surprised me with tickets for your concert and I really want to hear it live. It’s my favorite.”