Kevin Owens’ Knee Injury Much Worse Than Expected, Could Be Sidelined For Much Longer

Kevin Owens is a former Universal Champion but he was written off WWE TV last week when Bobby Lashley turned heel as part of their match and targetted his knees. Owens has since undergone double knee surgery but whilst WWE was hopeful that the surgery would move up his estimated timeline for a return, this had the opposite effect.

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Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer recently opened up about Owens’ surgery and revealed that the extent of the damage on Owen’s legs, specifically his left was much worse than first expected.

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“The damage in his left knee is worse than expected but they’re hopeful late February or early March return. so that’s the timetable for what it is. He didn’t have full-blown reconstructive surgery on either of his knees but it was serious — his left knee especially,” he said via RingSideNews.

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Owen’s timeline for a return to the ring has now been pushed back to the end of WrestleMania season but it currently appears as though the former Champion will still be able to make his return in time for WrestleMania 35 or the Raw after WrestleMania at the very latest, but this is completely dependent on how his recovery goes over the next few months.

Owens’ knees have taken a lot of abuse throughout his wrestling career but much of the damage that he’s struggling with now happened long before he made his way to WWE.

This is a gentle reminder that wrestling is a career that comes with a number of obstacles and much of the time these obstacles can include standing on the sidelines for a number of months when surgery is required.