Kevin Owens’ Return, Booker T Praises AEW For Signing Chris Jericho, Elias On ‘Thorn’ John Cena, Maria Kanellis Bennett

Kevin Owens
Image via WWE

Update On Kevin Owens’ Return

Kevin Owens was earlier reported to make his return shortly after Royal Rumble along with Sami Zayn. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

According to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Owens is expected to be cleared fairly soon but is not expected to return to WWE TV right away. The decision was made not to bring KO back until after WrestleMania 35 and although plans are always subject to change, it appears that the former Universal Champion may now have to wait till next year for KO-Mania 4.

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Booker T Praises AEW For Signing Chris Jericho

On the latest Heated Conversations episode, WWE Hall of Famer and 5-time WCW Champion Booker T praised All Elite Wrestling for signing hottest veteran free agent Chris Jericho.

“They’re coming in hot, I’ve never seen anything like this, a company that is a pop up is major players. TNA was built around a bunch of young guys that were unknowns, these are guys who are starting an organization and they are signing big contracts.”

“With Chris Jericho behind this thing, that’s a legitimizer. They have a major player that’s been all over the world and has done it all, as well as Chris Jericho is that teacher, he isn’t going to be that guy that’s just along for the ride, more power to him for taking a shot at it.”

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Elias Calls John Cena A Thorn

Elias is gradually emerging as a top babyface on Monday Night RAW, having worked significantly on his character since his main roster debut.

During a recent in-character interview with Commercial Appeal, Elias called 16-time World Champion John Cena a ‘thorn’ in his career and explained how both of them share clashing philosophies.

“John Cena has been a thorn in my side almost my entire career. It seems like every big event, whatever it may be, he seems to pop up and make life tough for Elias. It probably comes down to jealousy. There are a lot of similarities in our careers: the music, the crowd (reactions), things like that. But the difference is our mentalities. He’s got the ‘never give up’ mentality. It’s a very self-involved mentality. Whereas, I’m saying, ‘Walk with Elias. I’ll take care of you.’ It’s just clashing philosophies.”

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WWE had planted the seeds for a Cena vs. Elias feud on Christmas, 2017 when both men shared the ring for a promo that ended with The Drifter knocking out The Franchise.

Cena debuted The Lightning Fist on Elias at WWE Super Show-Down in a tag team match with Bobby Lashley in The Champ’s corner and Kevin Owens partnering with the guitarist.

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Maria Kanellis Bennett Addresses Release Rumors

Maria Kanellis Bennett recently responded to a report of The Bennetts having requested their releases from WWE. Although Mike Bennett and wife Maria did make the request, WWE eventually turned them down.

The First Lady of WWE didn’t deny the report but instead set the record straight with her “fact check” tweets.