Kevin Owens Reveals The Reason For His Recent Absence and WWE’s Reaction

Kevin Owens is a former Universal Champion and a few short weeks ago he was part of a storyline alongside Apollo Crews. Owens then opted to take some time away from the company following the recent COVID-19 positive test at the Performance Center, since the former Champion wanted to return home and protect his family.

Owens is expected to make his WWE return in the near future as COVID-19 restrictions begin to ease in America, but the former NXT Champion appeared on The Bump earlier today where he was able to explain the reason for his recent absence.

“Due to the circumstances that happened over the last week there, with, you know, the positive coronavirus test that happened in the company, I thought it was just wiser for me to stay with my family on that day, and I told the people in charge my decision, and they didn’t even flinch, they were like, ‘Yeah, okay,’ and that’s it.”

“There’s no pushback, I mean I don’t think they’d push back on anybody, but also they know once I make my mind up for something, that’s kinda the way it’s gonna be, and they were respectful of my decision. And I’m glad I took it because I think it was the best thing to do for my family.”

Owens has two young children and a wife at home and it appears that much like Roman Reigns, he opted to take some time away from the company given the recent pandemic in order to protect his family.

Owens’ long time friend Sami Zayn has also recently decided to take some time away from WWE, but the company looks as though they have punished Zayn for his decision by stripping him of the Intercontinental Championship, which is now around the waist of AJ Styles.