Kevin Owens Reveals WWE’s Reaction When He Spoke Out About COVID-19 Concerns

Kevin Owens recently took some time away from WWE where he released an emotional video talking about how his wife’s grandfather had passed away after contracting COVID-19.

Owens only had a few weeks away from the company before making his return and then speaking to WWE officials about his issues surrounding the virus.

Owens’ meeting with WWE officials has since allowed WWE to unveil new rules at WWE’s Performance Center where superstars will now be fined if they are seen not wearing a mask.

There are also a number of other changes that include improved testing which is why Owens has been able to make his return.

WWE officials are reportedly relieved that the former Universal Champion has returned to TV tapings since he has been seen as the backup in the current feud between Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins.

Owens recently spoke to ESPN about speaking up in WWE and how he has never been afraid to speak up in the company regardless of the situation.

“I know people, for some reason, tend to assume that that’s the kind of thing that would happen, and that’s just the way people want to think about certain situations. I’ve been [in WWE] for five years. I have never once been afraid to tell the company that I couldn’t go to a show or something like that because something was happening with my family.”

“They’re always extremely receptive. The company’s never made me feel like my career or my spot or anything like that could be in jeopardy. It’s the same here with this situation. I tell them how I feel, they respect how I feel. Even with the mask, that could be seen as something kind of small, right? But it wasn’t. I brought them my concern, and it was immediately taken very seriously.”