Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn Returning To WWE TV Soon


Former WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens and his best friend Sami Zayn are set to return to WWE TV soon. 

WWE’s aired two separate videos on this week’s episode of Monday Night RAW hyping Owens’ and Zayn’s return.

KO has been missing from WWE TV since October after being sidelined with knee injuries. It appears that his recovery from double knee surgery is going well and fans will be able to see him on TV sooner than expected.

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Zayn has been out of in-ring action for several months owing to injuries on both shoulders. The Underdog from Underground underwent bi-lateral rotator cuff surgery in August that typically requires some 4-6 months recovery time period. Given it’s already been 5 months since the surgery, it’s evident that Sami will be back on TV in no time.

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RAW will not be taped for the next two weeks because of holidays so it wouldn’t come off as a surprise if WWE holds off both men’s return until the show goes live again in January.

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It’s worth speculating what language Owens and Zayn would speak once they return to WWE TV.

This week, The McMahons announced that there are several fresh matchups and new plans lying in store for RAW that assure a real change and as per Triple H‘s words, the WWE Universe is the authority now. Amidst such a babyface aura, it would be a hard time for Owens and Zayn if they continue to run in their heel characters.

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This week’s heavily beaten Baron Corbin already gave fans an idea of what could possibly lie in store for the heels on RAW in the weeks to come. With Stephanie not playing favorites anymore and Triple H also doing what’s “best for business”, KO and Zayn could have nightmares if they return as heels.

However, Zayn could restart as a babyface and finally receive the big singles push he deserves, given how The McMahons have promised not to “suffocate” the talent anymore and finally give people what they want.