Kevin Owens Sets His Sights On The Universal Championship


Last night at Crown Jewel, The Fiend shocked the world when he was able to defeat Seth Rollins to become the WWE Universal Champion. This means that it has taken Wyatt’s newest character just three matches to become the company’s biggest Champion.

Of course, being a Champion in WWE means that the minute the title is lifted and the new plates are dry, there is a target on your back. The Fiend may be one of the scariest and strangest stars in WWE, but he still has a few stars who are willing to step up and challenge him for the Championship.

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One star who has already made it public that he wants a shot at the title is former Universal Champion, Kevin Owens. KO was just the second man to hold the Championship after it was vacated by Finn Balor back in 2016 and later lost the title to Goldberg at Fastlane the following year. Owens was never given a rematch for the title and could now be The Fiend’s first victim as the Universal Champion.

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Wyatt is reportedly one of the stars who has made it out of Saudi Arabia in time to be part of SmackDown tonight and since The Miz didn’t make the trip, it’s likely that the Miz TV segment which was planned for Wyatt will still go ahead.

Owens was moved over to Raw in the WWE draft a few weeks ago, after having a number of issues with Shane McMahon and becoming the reason why McMahon was forced to walk away from WWE at the beginning of last month.

Wyatt has taken the Universal Championship to SmackDown, so it will be interesting to see if the title is moved back over to Raw so that Owens can have a shot at the new Champion.