Kevin Owens Suffers Unfortunate Injury While Celebrating New Year

Image via WWE

Kevin Owens is part of Monday Night RAW’s headline feud alongside The Authors of Pain and Seth Rollins, a storyline that took a huge step forward this week when Samoa Joe took Owen’s side in the feud and helped him to fight off the trio.

Owens couldn’t afford to be injured at this moment in his career with WrestleMania looming and him being a decent dark horse for the upcoming Royal Rumble, but that didn’t stop him from sharing some unfortunate news on Twitter.

While former Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair and current United States Champion Andrade celebrated the new year by announcing their engagement, Kevin Owens looks to have seen in the new year with his family but he made the fatal mistake of holding a confetti popper the wrong way around which caused him a little injury.

To add to Owen’s dispair as mentioned above, his wife Karina put the incident on Instagram where Owens can be seen injuring himself with the confetti popper before he mouths that he has just hit himself in a place that he didn’t expect.

Of course, this isn’t thought to be an injury that will bother the former Universal Champion moving forward since he has probably already recovered from the incident. If anything, this is more of an embarrassing way to bring in the New Year but being the comedian that he is, Owens decided to share his misfortune with his followers on Social Media.

Hopefully, Owens will be backfiring on all cylinders next week on RAW since he and his newfound friend Samoa Joe left the arena early on RAW after they were escorted out by security so they will want to look for a little more revenge on both AOP and Seth Rollins as part of the first show of 2020.