Kevin Owens Taunts Vince McMahon One Year After His Brutal Beatdown

Kevin Owens
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Kevin Owens may have been lost amongst the shuffle on Monday Night RAW over the past few months, but a year ago today he was one of the biggest heels on SmackDown Live looking forward to stepping into Satan’s Structure with Shane McMahon.

The SmackDown Live commissioner and Owens had a number of issues throughout 2017 and WWE Chairman Vince McMahon attempted to save himself from a lawsuit by putting Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens in a Hell in a Cell match instead, but Owens snapped.

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He stated that “You give me your word that if provoked I can beat a McMahon senseless” which was something that Vince agreed to before Owens then shook his hand and unleashed a sickening attack that left McMahon bloodied in the middle of the ring.

His daughter Stephanie McMahon was forced to come out to help him to the back in what was a horrendous attack by the cowardly former Universal Champion.

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It’s the anniversary of that beatdown today and the WWE Universe once again looks ahead to Hell in a Cell this weekend and it appears that Kevin Owens has remembered exactly what he did 12 months ago and he believes that Vince McMahon should remember as well.

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Kevin Owens recently quit Monday Night RAW, only to make his return the following week when he attacked Bobby Lashley and the two have since begun an interesting feud as part of WWE’s flagship show.

No other superstar would have the courage to taunt the WWE Chairman but it shows just how much of a backbone Owens has since he’s not afraid to directly Tweet his boss and remind him of the time he headbutted him on live TV.