Kevin Owens Undergoes Surgery On Both His Legs

Kevin Owens
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Kevin Owens has been sidelined from WWE over the past week following a match with Bobby Lashley where the former MMA fighter targetted both his legs. WWE later reported that Owens would be out of action for the rest of 2018 with the leg injury and that he would require surgery.

Owens himself updated his Twitter today to inform the WWE Universe that he had successfully undergone surgery on both of his legs and he now looks to be on the road to recovery.

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Owens has been working hurt for a few weeks and it’s thought that the match with Lashley was designed so that the former Universal Champion could be written off WWE TV for the next few months.

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It’s likely that Owens will be out of action now until WrestleMania season, which is when his friend Sami Zayn will be cleared to make his return as well.

Interestingly The Underdog from The Underground faced Bobby Lashley back at Money in the Bank and he hasn’t been seen in a wrestling ring since, because he was forced to undergo surgery on two torn rotator cuffs.

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This means that Lashley is the man that has sidelined both Owens and Zayn, so it’s obvious that the two men will find a way to extract some revenge on The Dominator when they are able to make their return.

As for right now, Owens seems focused on recovering from his recent double knee surgery and will be hoping that the rehab road isn’t a very long one so that he’s back in the ring on Monday Night Raw in the not too distant future alongside his longtime friend and rival.