Kevin Owens Wants a Rematch With Goldberg Under One Condition

Kevin Owens lost the Universal Championship to Goldberg back at Fastlane in 2017 as part of a match that lasted just 22 seconds.

The fact that Goldberg then went on to face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania while Kevin Owens looked to get even with Chris Jericho meant that the former Champion was never handed his rematch.

This was at a time when Champions would be handed an automatic rematch, but Owens was forgotten and his first Universal Championship reign came to an abrupt end.

This weekend at TLC, Kevin Owens could regain that Championship after almost four years, and ahead of the match, he spoke to Metro about a rematch with Goldberg.

Owens noted that he didn’t see the point in wrestling the former WCW star if he wasn’t there to work and was only set to be in the ring for two minutes.

“I’d love to work with him again if he was here to work. I’m not saying this is his fault, but he’s not – his career has never been about long matches or anything like that. To me, I don’t see much positive out of wrestling him for two minutes, or 20 seconds or 30 seconds or whatever, you know what I mean?”

“I’d love to work with him again if you got to do a story beyond – all we did was, what, two weeks, maybe three weeks If we got to do some cool stuff, and some cool promos, exchange back and forth and then have a quality match, that’d be great. But that’s just not usually what he’s here for.”

“[His style] works. I’m not saying anything against that, it’s just not what I’m interested in. As a fan, I’ve never been interested in that stuff. Even when he was in WCW, I didn’t really like it. That’s just not what I look for in my wrestling.”

Goldberg has recently began building up a rematch with Roman Reigns after The Big Dog was forced to pull out of their WrestleMania match earlier this year.