Kevin Owens Wants NXT to Be Part of WWE Draft

Recently, Kevin Owens sat down with Ryan Droste of and talked about various things in wrestling. Owens said that NXT should draft wrestlers from Raw and SmackDown. 

“They were able to draft people from NXT, but you never saw a Raw or SmackDown superstar moved in a draft to NXT (in the past),” Owens said when asked if NXT should be included in future WWE Drafts. “I think that should be the case.

This year’s Draft happened some time ago but NXT wasn’t a part of it. Owens believes NXT has many great wrestlers and that Raw and SmackDown should be allowed to draft wrestlers from the brand.

“I think we should be able to take from NXT, and NXT should be able to take from Raw and SmackDown, because I think the level of competition is just as… It’s extraordinary over there. I don’t see why we wouldn’t be able to do that.”

The Prizefighter also said that NXT should be treated as a third brand. He said that hardcore fans already love NXT but more casual wrestling fans should be introduced to the brand as well.