Kevin Owens Wants to Team Up With Sami Zayn and Win the WWE Tag Team Titles

WWE India recently hosted a Q&A session with Kevin Owens. The former United States Champion is set to face The Big Dog, Roman Reigns, at TLC for the Universal Championship. Among other things, Owens talked about potentially becoming a Tag Team Champion in the future.

The Prizefighter said that he would love to become Tag Team Champion in the company with Sami Zayn among other wrestlers because of the history they have together as a team. 

“I would love to be Tag Team Champions with anybody really. But, Sami would be obviously a bit more special than anyone else because of the history we’ve had and like he mentioned, we’ve been Tag Team champions before. So that would be great, I would be absolutely open to that for sure.”

Owens has only won singles titles in WWE as of now, and it would be interesting if he goes straight for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships soon. Owens and Zayn are on the same brand right now, which makes it all the more plausible.