King Booker On Bray Wyatt’s New Character, Who He Feels Will Win King Of The Ring This Year

Image via Twitter

Two-time WWE Hall of Famer Booker T spoke on The Hall of Fame podcast this week, and talked about the new developments with the Fiend character and the return of the King of the Ring tourney.

Booker T had nothing but praise for Bray Wyatt and his new character. Booker felt that Wyatt’s ability to highlight his character without divulging too much is excellent and unparalleled in WWE. He likened Wyatt to himself and said that even he tried to bring out something new for his character periodically.

Wyatt’s ability to work on different levels is also something Booker feels that the former WWE Champion has mastered.

“He [Bray Wyatt] is not going to give you all of his full body of work. Some guys, literally, in 10 minutes, you see their entire resume. I’m talking about everything from top to bottom, but in those same 10 minutes from Bray Wyatt, you may see a tenth of his full capabilities. And that is the art of a true worker”.

“[I would] keep working and then 6 months later, drop another thing on them, and the fans were like, ‘Man, how does he keep coming up with all of this stuff?’ It was stuff that I had in the bag that I didn’t use, and that is what Bray Wyatt has mastered. Being able to go out there and give you what you need in that point of time. I totally understand that you have to totally work certain levels and Bray Wyatt has mastered the art of working at different levels.”

He went on to speak about the iconic King of the Ring tournament, which he himself won once and started the iconic King Booker gimmick. Booker felt that Drew McIntyre is the best candidate to win the KOTR tourney, and he has tremendous potential which can be unlocked if he ups the ante.

Booker wants Drew to win the tournament and present himself a Scottish King dazzled in robes. Drew McIntyre will compete with fifteen other superstars in the KOTR tournament which begins next Monday on RAW.