King Kong Bundy Passes Away, Roman Reigns Reveals What Type of Leukemia He Has

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King Kong Bundy passes away just hours after sending out tweet

Former WWE superstar King Kong Bundy passed away yesterday at the age of just 61. Bundy was most memorable for his WrestleMania 2 main event match against Hulk Hogan where he took on The Immortal One inside a steel cage.

The former stand-up comedian wrestled for almost three decades throughout the 1980s and 90s before he announced his retirement back in 2007. He passed away just hours after confirming that he would be part of WrestleCon.

Details of his passing are currently quite slim, but many WWE superstars have paid tribute to the WWE legend on Social Media over the past few hours.

Roman Reigns confirms which type of leukemia he has and the treatment details

Roman Reigns announced back in October that he had been struggling with leukemia for more than a decade and had reached the point where he needed to step away from the ring to receive treatment.

Just four months later he was able to make his return to the ring after it was revealed that his leukemia was in remission which caused many fans to question the validity of his illness.

Reigns himself has since confirmed that he was struggling with CML which is Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia one of the less dangerous forms of the disease.

CML mostly targets adult males and while it isn’t seen as curable, it can be treated, something which Reigns opened up about. The former World Champion was able to avoid chemotherapy in the wider sense since there is now a pill that can be taken which mimics the same effects and allows him to still live his life.

Reigns talked openly about his condition on a recent WWE Network documentary which is available to stream right now.