King Of The Ring Road To The Finals – Gable To Face Corbin

It’s getting weird in the King of the Ring Tournament.

On the Raw side of the bracket, the semi-finals had turned into a ménage à trois between Baron Corbin, Samoa Joe, and Ricochet. There were no betting odds on that fatal three-way. However, online sportsbetting sites had Chad Gable as a -300 favorite over Elias in the red label semis and wouldn’t you know Elias is suddenly stricken with injury and had to withdraw from the match.

How Did We Get Here?

Last week, Baron Corbin smashed his way into the blue brand semi-finals by crushing Cedric Alexander. The star of this match wasn’t Baron Corbin or Cedric Alexander. It was the corner post. At one point Cedric started climbing to the top buckle, but Corbin recovered in time to shove Alexander over backward over the top rope, where he got his leg tangled and was hanging inverted. Baron Corbin then proceeded to forcefully smash the defenseless Alexander into the metal-reinforced corner post, working on Cedric’s already injured left arm.

Things didn’t look good for Cedric Alexander after his encounter with the corner of the ring, as he was fighting with one gimped limb. But as Baron Corbin was just about to shoulder slam him in the corner, Cedric deftly moved out of the way and instead, Corbin ended up wrecking his shoulder into that same metal post. Alexander took advantage of the moment and smashed Baron Corbin’s shoulder into the post a total of four times, evening the score.

With the high-flying precision typical of Cedric Alexander, it looked like Corbin had met his match, but Alexander couldn’t get the pin, Baron Corbin kicked out several times just when we thought the match might be over. Finally, Baron Corbin caught Alexander in a heavy End of Days and finished the match.

Baron Corbin faced Samoa Joe and Ricochet in the semis.

The introduction of a fatal three-way into a ‘knock-out’ tournament doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. There should not be and has never been a draw in any King of the Ring match in the history of the tournament. So, we have to wonder if this is the WWE setting up a showcase for Ricochet?

At 5’9, this was be the test of all tests for Ricochet and it was a test he failed. Baron Corbin stands 6’8 and weighs in at 285 pounds, Samoa Joe is 6’2 and 282 pounds. So, Ricochet will had a full 567 pounds of combined weight to deal with in the ring and was literally ricocheting off the two much larger wrestlers.

Now, even though Ricochet lost in this unprecedented King of the Ring Three-Way, the WWE is definitely putting ricochet in the spotlight here.

It’s all coming to a head very soon, and we’ll find out at the Clash of Champions who the next King of the Ring will be when Baron Corbin faces Chad Gable. The odds for the KOTR showdown at Clash of Champions have not yet been released but there are a couple of reasons why Chad Gable might win. The top reason being the classic Heel vs Face. Although Baron Corbin has a bit of a babyface for a giant man, he is the clear-cut heel in this match.

We also have to assume that he’ll be listed as the underdog, given the fact that Gable has made it to this point against all odds, so why would the WWE stop now? Also, it would make for an interesting turn of events to have the King of the Ring come from the red brand.