Kofi Kingston 7 Days Away From Creating Epic WWE Record

WWE Superstar Kofi Kingston is one-third of the 5-time WWE Tag Team Champions, The New Day.

Kofi is now closing in on one of the biggest records in the history of WWE with his current Tag Team Title reign.

WWE legend Billy Gunn currently holds the record for the longest reigning Tag Team Champion at 953 days. As of this writing, Kingston stands at 946 days, only 7 days away from achieving an epic milestone and setting a new record in WWE.

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By crossing 953 days Kofi will not only set a new record in Vince McMahon’s promotion, but will also cement himself as the only WWE Superstar to be part of the longest reigning tag team as well as the longest reigning individual tag champ.

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SmackDown Live tomorrow stands as the only roadblock to Kofi’s epic new record and if The New Day doesn’t defend the tag team titles on the show or manage to retain the titles in a surprise match, then Kofi will automatically go on to create history by the beginning of next week. Any upcoming live event before next Monday isn’t being taken into account since titles generally don’t change hands at house shows.

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Kingston made his WWE debut back in 2006 and has been with the company for more than a decade now.

In these 12 years, Kofi has been a 4-time WWE Intercontinental Champion, 3-time WWE United States Champion, 4-time RAW Tag Team Champion(s), 3-time SmacKDown Tag Team Champion(s), 1-time World Tag Team Champion, 2010 WWE Intercontinental Championship Winner and 2012 Slammy Award Winner.

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Over the years, Kingston has made a name for himself by performing jaw-dropping feats at the yearly Royal Rumble pay-per-view. The high-flyer would be thrown over the top rope, but would find his way back into the ring somehow, someway, thanks to his impeccable feats or crafty backups (pancakes, Big E’s head/shoulders).

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Till date, Kofi has paired up with CM Punk, Evan Bourne, R-Truth, Big E and Xavier Woods.

The WWE Universe widely accepts the fact that Kofi would have gotten lost in the WWE mix had the Creative not come up with “The New Day” in 2014 to give him and his teammates Big E and Woods a new direction in the company.