Kofi Kingston Aims To Be A GrandSlam Champion

Kofi Kingston has accomplished a lot during his time in the WWE, both as a singles wrestler and as a member of the powerhouse, fan-favorite team The New Day.

His latest accomplishment is surpassing Billy Gunn to become the WWE Superstar who has spent the most number of days as a tag team champion in the history of the company. Kofi has spent an accumulated amount of 954 days as a tag team champion.

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As big as an accomplishment as that is, Kingston has his sights set even higher, disclosing during a recent interview with Renee Young that, he wants to hold ALL the titles.

“When I was a kid my goal was to hold every single championship title in WWE. I feel like I’m well on my way there but there’s obviously a couple that have eluded me. So that’s definitely a goal,” said Kingston.

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Though the top titles have so far eluded him, Kingston has actually won a total of 15 championships during his time in the WWE. He has held the Intercontinental Championship four times, the United States Championship three times, and has been a tag team champion eight times.

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Aside from his tag team championship run with the New Day, Kingston has successfully partnered and held the gold with CM Punk, R-Truth, and Evan Bourne.

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In the interview he talks about how much he learned from his previous tag team partners, citing CM Punk for teaching him how to be a “top guy” and R-Truth for teaching him to have fun while competing in the ring.

Meanwhile, it seems like Kingston is enjoying himself with the New Day, stating he does everything he can to keep the group’s profile elevated and that he believes the trio is just “getting better”.

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